Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hey there. I know you've stopped by for a reason and I thank you! I've received so many emails, facebook messages, and posts about how I am encouraging you to eat better, get back into a healthy state for your body... and your mind will follow. I appreciate all that have reached out. Because honestly... it's not an easy change. (although easier than you would expect.)

But the good thing is this... If you want it bad enough, you will do it. It takes commitment to yourself to heal your body from the inside out. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was inspired by a "Defender of the United States" and that she had recommended several tools that have helped us along these past three weeks. I've done a lot of reading on my own, scouring websites, reading forum posts, and taking in what I am experiencing as my body changes with what I eat. I'm committed to making me... better.

Things I know...
1. I do not need creamer with my coffee. I love it, but I don't need it. And I've failed miserably this past week, and have had it every. single. day. Today I found a recipe that I am going to try out. You can find it HERE. I'm not too sure about the eggs, but since I use them in the homemade mayo I make... it's probably okay.
2. I love cucumbers. But not every meal. every day. Yes, I got burned out eating them with every meal and snack. I like them with vinegar, and I like them plain. Once a day is plenty.
3. I don't NEED to have chocolate. I've made several smoothies for the boys, and even a chocolate dessert, and didn't have one lick. Not. One. That goes for even those times that I had Nutella on my finger. J bought dark chocolate Dove candies for me yesterday, for a "just in case I want a sweet treat". They went out of sight, out of mind.
4. I don't NEED cheese. In fact, my stomach thanks me. I'm not bound up because of it. Do I miss it? Sure. I was a cheese eating fool. Especially Mozzarella sticks from Frigo. Love. Them. Will I eat cheese again? Maybe. I love Feta/Blue. I'm not looking at gnawing on a block of cheddar any time soon, though.
5. Squats won't kill me. And if you do them correctly, then your @$$ might eventually look good. Here, Dan John tells of the proper way to squat. I use a kettlebell for added core workout, and weight stability. I use a kettlebell for all of my workouts. You can find FREE workouts on FITNESSBLENDER. Did I mention It's FREE?? And this isn't just for squats. They are FULL workouts that train HIIT. (High-intensity Interval Training)  View the squat challenge HERE.
6. You don't need to do abs every. single. day. You CAN NOT spot reduce. Fat loss doesn't work that way. Just like other muscles in your body, they need a day or two or three off from the strenuous workout that I'm sure you are putting them through. The core exercises I am doing right now include deadlift, weighted oblique bends, and body extensions seated on a ball. (sit on ball, lean back so your back is arched conforming to ball, and come forward as you are doing a sit-up. This ensures you are using your lower abs. I'm sure there is a technical name for it, but as you know I am an nontechnical name kind of girl.) Women need this kind of exercise, especially after having children. I'm more than a little poochy, so I work hard at these. There are variations you can do different days. I wanted to start ab ripper this week, but my core is just not strong enough yet. (Mind you, I'm starting to do HIIT 3 days a week so I am not trying to spot reduce. I'm doing this instead of C25K, for right now.)

And last but not least...
7. Three weeks ago I couldn't put my arms behind my back. I would have died trying to scratch the middle of my back you know where you get that one itch underneath your bra clasp. I can reach that spot, and it feels good. Three weeks ago I couldn't get up off the toilet seat without my knees hurting. YES... It was THAT bad! Three weeks ago I was going to the bathroom after every meal. And while that may not seem so odd to you, it wasn't like I was having solid BMs. If it's too much for you to handle, stop reading. It's my blog. I had acquired what is known as Dumping Syndrome. And for the last FOUR years I've lived like that. But no more. I've taken control. Regained a commitment that I needed to. For myself. My husband. Our kids. My life.


Where's yours?

Yours Truly,

Miss T

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It Takes 4 Weeks

I remember last fall when my weight crept up to 205. TWO HUNDRED FIVE pounds!! I felt so defeated. I was going to class 3 days a week and had 6 hours of homework a night. I was eating and sleeping taxes. UGH! I remember that feeling.

But I also remember the feeling this morning... I am at 205!! TWO HUNDRED FIVE pounds!! That is a ten pound weight loss in under 3 weeks. And the feeling is SO SO SO good! The best part about it... I can feel my muscles coming alive again! It's amazing.

As I've stated before... I am not doing anything CRAZY.... Well, maybe some of you think it's a little bizarre... I have simply cut out processed foods, grains, dairy, and sugar (for the most part of the sugar). So what do I eat? Tons of protein in the form of beef, chicken, crab, and pork. I do not trim off the fat like James does of anything I eat. FAT is great for you, if you are consuming the right kind. I drink a lot of coconut milk in my coffee. I make home made dressings. I eat tons and tons of vegetables. AND... I drink a lot of water.

What kinds of veggies do I eat? Cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce- romaine or musclun, cherry tomatoes, spinach, avocado, onions, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and some peppers. ICK, you say? Vegetables? How can you eat that every. single. day. ? The answer is simple. Because I am fueling my body with the nutrients it needs. I love salad. I love home made dressing that I know what I've combined together to get a great taste. Do I eat salad every day? No. Some days I snack on baby carrots and sliced cucumbers. These are the two things I LOVE. They do it for me.

I realize that I was so excited about losing that big amount of weight in the first week. My body is detoxing. Ridding all of the processed crap that's been in my body for years and years. Now that it is pretty stable, I am looking at increased muscle, and fat loss from here on out.

But you know what else is helping? Sleep. I can tell a difference in the weight dropping when I get enough sleep, than when I get interrupted sleep. My weight goes down on the weekends because I am not getting up to let the girls outside. During the week I get up so J can sleep because he has to leave by 530-6 am. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is optimal for me. Some of you may not need that much. I'm more on the 9ish hour side. I feel more rested and have a ton more energy.

Speaking of energy... Do you know what else is helping? Getting off my keester and doing an ab/squat challenge. I feel SO good. I know you've heard of the squat challenge. But if not, here it is.

I am on day 11. Yes. That is 110 squats I did today. Wide legged and plie. Each day gets a little tougher, especially after a rest day. I use a 15 lb kettlebell to help with core stability.

The ab challenge is something I'm kind of doing on my own. Between plank, deadlift with kettlebell, and weighted standing oblique bends. After I finish up this month of detox, I'm going to break my ab disc from P90X out from under the dust and pop it in 4 days a week. I will tell you, I started at 20/side, and have worked my way up to 40/side as of this morning, with that 15 pound kettlebell.

Tuesday, I am gearing up to start another C25K. I can finally fit back into my yoga pants even though they are stretched to the max so I can tough through those chilly mornings we are still having.

Changes I've seen so far? The biggest change I can tell you is that I no longer have to rush to the bathroom after I eat. For those of you that have had your gall bladder removed, (if you have dumping syndrome- usually acquired after surgery), I would highly suggest changing your diet. And by "diet", I am talking about the way you eat. It really has been life changing!

I can't wait for day 90.

What are you waiting for?

Thank you for your support!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Miss T