Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be The Good...

Over the weekend I had a conversation with my girl, Kelly. She shed some light on how I've been living just getting ready to move again. How true, I thought. Nothing went up on the walls in Maryland and Virginia. When I told her that I wasn't going to do anything to our new house because we were going to be moving to GERMANY next August, she gave me the face. You know the one.... the disappointed friend look; sad eyes and furrowed brow.

And before I fell asleep, I prayed for strength and wisdom. And you know what?? She was right! I have been living out of boxes with bare walls for the last four years. And you know what else? I hung something up. And it happens to be something that I made today... on my unexpected day off.

I have seen the pin on Pinterest over the last couple years, and have wanted to make it. I picked up some canvases over the weekend when I was with Kelly. I painted it the same satin Mystic from Valspar, that I used for this project a couple weeks ago. Next I used the Cricut to cut out the letters in the different fonts. Then I sprayed some adhesive on the back of the letters and stuck it to the wall using Command Velcro hanging strips. (Those are the coolest things ever!)

What do you think?

I will be working on my photo wall around the art piece as the months go on. I just wanted to show you that our house's walls are no longer bare.

Thanks, Kel, for giving me that push. I really needed it. Love ya!

We are supposed to get some snow here tonight. Pray for those drivers that never drive in it to have the wisdom to stay home.

Stay warm, and much love!

Miss T

PS~ Big Happy Birthday shout outs to my other friend Kellie~ YOU are the GOOD.  miss u

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