Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sometimes they are hard to keep.

Getting advice from
Everyone in your circle
Responding to questions that
Make those decisions you that have to make in a day's notice exceptionally tough,
Although they generate much excitement. 
Never minding the change that had already occured in the last four

And because we all share the same platform of communication, share similiar friends and family members, and nearly everyone has been told.

We will be moving the FALL of 2014.

{and if you are really clever, you've already figured out to where it will be.}

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. And as more details become available, we will be sharing those with you, too. 

Much Love!

Miss T

Kiel, Germany


  1. Yay!!!! So, so, so excited for you guys!!!! And of course WE are so excited to come visit! When do you want to start writing our bucket list for the time you're there?

    1. We would be so excited to take in the sites with you guys!! I've already got the list started... Legoland in Denmark is a MUST for the boys! I did create a board on Pinterest!

  2. Wow. After JUST building a house. That would be hard. Best wishes girlie.

    1. I know, right??! We are keeping the house; but will rent it out. I couldn't give up all that stressful work quite yet! And thanks! It is bound to be a journey!


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